“Pixel Gear VR” On Steam Greenlight

Pixel Gear VR , currently a Playstation VR exclusive, is now on Steam Greenlight! The developer is hoping to bring the game to HTC Vive this year, and when launched, is probably the first VR title to support local multiplayer of up to 4 players (1 VR, and 3 on monitor).

Pixel Gear is a pixel style VR shoot-em-up game with a variety of humorous cartoon monsters and ghosts as enemies.. Use your skills and weapons to defeat them, gain energy and apply your skills wisely to slow down the time and load infinite bullets. Observe the environment carefully. Do not miss the ghosts with stealth abilities as they can supply tons of magical items to help you. Keep on shooting, in the pixel battle field!

Offline multiplayer mode(1-4 players) is available now! Join the coin snatching madness!

One player wears VR headset and is positioned with a gun in the center of a large play area. Other players (up to 3 others) control NPC character models with controller and spawn within a crowd of computer-controlled characters.

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