PSVR New Release: Ghostbusters: Now Hiring

The VR experience of Ghostbusters: Now Hiring was announced yesterday, and the title is coming out today on the PSVR. The title is billed as an ‘experience’, and is created by CreateVR as well as Sony’s in-house VR studio team.

The title is based on the movie released last year, and it takes you on a tour of the firehouse, led by Mooglie, the white ghost featured on the franchise’ logo. You will encounter various elements of the franchise, such as the Slimer, the proton pack, the ghost containment unit and others.

Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring is available for download on the PS Store for $6.99, which is a slight increase over the mobile version ($4.99) that uses the Google Cardboard.

Step into the immersive virtual world of Ghostbusters and explore the iconic firehouse, where you’ll meet Mooglie for the very first time and get up close and personal with everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Slimer! You’ll have the chance to explore Ecto-1, assemble and fire a proton pack, check out the basement where the Ghost Containment Unit lies and much more! Don’t leave any stone unturned as ghostly surprises await your discovery.