“Radiant Crusade” Site Launch, New Trailer

Radiance Games‘ upcoming title “Radiant Crusade” is set to be released pretty soon, and today they have a new trailer up for the title.

Radiance Games for Oculus Rift is described as a “Radiant Crusade is a stylized fusion between a co-operative take on the wave defense genre, and the high intensity action and freedom of Twisted Metal combat”.

Players are granted the freedom to explore their environment with unshackled locomotion thanks to intuitive and fluid driving controls, while fully utilizing head tracking to grant an unparalleled feeling of control and responsiveness.

There are 4 powerful abilities that manipuate spacetime, as you attempt to survive against waves of dark creatures. You can pilot your vehicle anywhere in the realm, and this game also features a skill tree, allowing you to upgrade every component in your arsenal.

Radiant Crusade is developed during Ubisoft’s 2016 Game Lab Competition, and was nominated 4 times (best game, best user experience & interface design and best artistic direction) and won for best character, camera and control. The game will be releasing on Oculus Store and Steam for Oculus Rift. A build for HTC Vive is currently being worked on as well.

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