"Hidden Fortune" Coming to Gear VR on March 28 2017

Archiact has just announced that their upcoming adventure puzzler “Hidden Fortune“, will be arriving on Samsung Gear VR on March 28, 2017. This title will be supporting Samsung’s new Gear VR controller.

This title puts the player in the shoes of a young sorcerer, who embark on a daring journey to rescue his family, in a virtual world of charm and enchantment. Player can utilize and cast magic by tapping the Gear VR touchpad, to explore the vivid world around them, and also collect peculiar trinkets. Expect to see lots of weird characters, tricky puzzles, secrets and more.

Hidden Fortune is presented in an episodic series. The first chapter, “Outcast Cove”, is set to carry a price tag of $3.99, carries the player through mysterious caves full of surprises. Subsequent chapters will be set in all new locations, sporting new quests and items too. Check out the trailer here.