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Japanese Voice Actress "Yuka Iguchi" Plays "Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur VR" Footage

Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur” is a widely popular mobile card battle RPG title from Square Enix and developed by PlayPieGames. The success of title spawned a Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS port, a live-action television adaptation of the game as well as many other related spin-off works.

An anime version was adopted and screened last year in Japan, and now Square Enix is releasing a Blu-Ray edition of Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur. To celebrate the release of “Kaku San Sei Million Arthur” Blu-Ray that will be releasing tomorrow in Japan, a popular Japanese voice actress Yuka Iguchi was invited to try out the virtual reality version of the game, “Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur VR“. This card battle VR title is set to be releasing on the HTC Vive, and was shown off at Tokyo Game Show last year. It is a standalone version, and is not simply a VR port of the mobile game.

Check out the video of Yuka Iguchi play-testing the game.

If you are interested and wants to see more, here’s an official trailer that Square Enix distributed last year with the announcement:

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur VR will be releasing on Spring this year for the HTC Vive. Square Enix is also interested in bringing this title on other VR platforms, as well as global release.