"SportsBar VR" Multiplayer Update & VR Movement Improvements

SportsBar VR on Steam and Oculus Home gets a new update today that add several new improvements to the game.The developer also said that they will be having their biggest update EVER coming in the future as well, according to Cherry Pop Games.

Multiplayer Update

This update brings about a new element call the “Online Game Finder 2000”, allowing you to find other players online (or turn it off for solo). This serves as rather quick way to find online player without having to navigate menus.



Quick Height Adjustment

Besides rotating the environment, now you can adjust the height as well. While in “hulk” mode, squeeze and hold both triggers to switch to vertical mode, that lets you adjust your height.



Click Rotate

The update also adds a new way to rotate. Press down on the thumbpad (or joystick for Oculus Touch), but instead of releasing it, use your opposite controller joystick/thumbpad to rotate yourself in increment.