Introducing the Robots in "Racket Fury"

10AntsHill‘s upcoming virtual reality title “Racket Fury”, a futuristic sci-fi sports title coming soon to HTC Vive, is set to be releasing on Steam as Early Access next month. We have reported about the announcement of the game previously, which you can refer here for more information about the game.

According to its Steam description, a war 2 millennia ago, has taken out many lives of the Zen, and Racket Fury Tournament emerged as a result to maintain peace in the Crown Galaxy. You play as an aspiring Zen who are challenged to join the most prestigious team in this interplanetary competition, the Division of Steel.

Your journey includes facing all 16 members of the team throughout 4 challenging Cups. In single player, every opponent you face will have their own unique style of play, and with every matches, you gets stronger with skill enhancement.

There are 4 types of Robots in Racket Fury Tournament. Check out all 4 types below: