HTC Vive

Steam New Release: In Your Face TD

“In Your Face TD” is the latest tower defense title in virtual reality on Steam. This early access title utilizes room scale VR to deliver the gameplay experience, as the player command the drones to mine resources for you to build defenses against the fiends.

Your enemies are the vicious but a little dimwit creatures, who has invaded from an alternate dimension. They crave only to destroy your base, and your only move is to lure them into deadly paths so you can take them down and defend your base. You have bunch of weapons, such as laser guns, bombs and also sawblade frisbees which you can use to defeat them. The strategy here is to take advantage of the level design to build a maze whereby your buildings can kill them easily. Your performance can also turns into upgrades, such as chain-lightning, exploding sawblade frisbees and more. The title features 4 difficulty types.

In Your Face is developed byBitBreak I/S, and it is expected to be in Early Access phase for the next 6 to 12 months. The current version consist of 3 levels, 5 types of towers and 3 weapons. More contents is expected to be added, such as levels, enemies, weapons, game modes (eg endless mode), leaderboard and Steam achievement as well.

Title: In Your Face TD
Genre: Action, Strategy
Developer: BitBreak I/S
Publisher: BitBreak I/S
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page