Steam New Release: Mech Skeleton

Mech Skeleon is a brand new FPS action title for VR, that is developed by Heavy Kick Games. This title puts the player in the shoes of a Mech Skeleton Pilot, part of the “Mech Skeleton program”. The game features various gameplay elements: a primary and secondary weapon type systems, hide and seek stealth, multiple enemy types, as well as a movement system where you move by swinging your arms.

The Mech Skeleton program was born out of desperate times.
In the beginning millions of lives were lost, allied soldiers were simply slaughtered by the seemly unstoppable PNA Death Droids.
It was a stroke of luck, or pure chance while operating in total darkness that we were able to build a weapon capable of pushing the PNA filth back into the dirt.
Using intel gained from a captured PNA scientist, the first Mech Skeleton was activated.
Our soldiers finally had the super human abilities needed to rise up against the enemy.
Initially the program was considered a great success, with the PNA crippled Mech Skeleton pilots were feared on the battlefield.
Until recently, when things changed.
Allied forces have been trying to pass off the recent strange behaviour as a small glitch in the system, nothing to worry about.
However this is no glitch.
The Mech Skeleton program and the technology driving must not be trusted.

Mech Skeleton is exclusively for HTC Vive, and require a room scale play area.

Title: Mech Skeleton
Genre: Action, Arcade, Sports
Developer: Heavy Kick Games
Publisher: Heavy Kick Games
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page