PSVR New Release: FATED: The Silent Oath

Playstation VR is getting a port of Frima Studio‘s adventure VR title “FATED: The Silent Oath” today! Originally launched for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive last year over Oculus Home and Steam (and now on Playstation Store),  FATED: The Silent Oath is set in the mythical age of Vikings, as it tells a story of a father and husband who has to do his duty to take care of his family from the giants of old.

In this title,  the player takes on the persona of a viking named “Ulfr”, who was already dead at the beginning of the story. He traded his voice in exchange for a resurrection, and now he has to protect his family from the gigantic creatures that has destroyed his homeland and forcing them to flee.

FATED: The Silent Oath features light puzzles among the narrative-driven adventure element, and consist of 4 acts. More chapters are on the way, but there is no release date for them yet.

FATED is a first-person movie-length narrative-adventure game in virtual reality. This immersive game with stunning visuals showcases the best that VR has to offer, proposing a strong story-driven, narrative experience that focuses on emotion over gameplay.

This project is being developed by a dedicated team within Frima.