Oculus Announces Release Details for Gear VR, Upgraded Oculus Home & New Titles

Oculus has got a brand new blog entry, detailing several mobile VR announcements.

According to Oculus, the new Samsung Gear VR and Controller will be releasing April 21 for $129. The controller is sold separated for $39, if you already have a Gear VR.

Oculus Home has been rebuilt as well, improving the loading time by up to 3x. Besides loading time, the new Explore feature, as well as twice the pixel resolution in Home are some other changes.

20 Gear VR titles compatible with Gear VR will be releasing in April, followed by 50 more in the next few months as well. The additional trigger of the controller adds a new layer of immersion, allowing new gestures in VR.

Some of the Gear VR titles that will support the controller are as follow:


Oculus Avatars is now also on Gear VR, after making its appearance on the Rift. The avatar created can now seamlessly work across both headsets. Some titles that will make use of Oculus Avatars are: Oculus Rooms, Hulu, Drop Dead, Fusion Wars, and vTime, plus new titles like Hologrid and The Guidance Team.


And last but not least, Oculus Browser is launching today on Gear VR as well.

The Oculus Browser launches today on Gear VR. A fully native app that renders incredibly sharp video, images, and text in Gear VR, the new browser lets you search the web directly from Home.

Using the keyboard, navigate to your favorite sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube just like you would on a desktop. The browser brings 2D and most 360 video content right into Oculus Home, with all the benefits of our newly built experience.