Oculus New Release: Giant Cop: Justice Above All

Giant Cop: Justice Above All, an open world narrative VR title, is releasing exclusively on the Oculus Rift today!

In this narrative-driven game from Other Ocean Interactive, you assume the role of, what else, a giant cop who is to perform his duty in Micro City. You will be able to explore the open world, find interactive objects as you uncover the sinister, criminal plot behind. The developer says to expect 3-4 hours of gameplay, but you can also explore the world and find interactive objects too.

What’s interesting is how lively this city is. You have mission objectives to complete, such as searching for people, go to places, and such. Much of the things you see are rather interactive: you can pick up people, toss things at them or at building, vehicle, and more (check out the trailer!)

According to the press release, this title will be a timed exclusive on the Oculus Store for the Rift + Touch with a price tag of USD$24.99, after which it will be releasing on other VR platforms in the coming months. Giant Cop already has a Steam page up, indicating HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support.


  • Immersive open world – the city and its people react to your every move.
  • Narrative focused – a deep narrative experience, with satirical humor.
  • Sandbox gameplay – explore the open world, find hidden interactive objects and tower over the city uncovering a criminal plot that threatens Micro City.
  • Missions – you will be tasked with ridding the city of the savage cabbage, cleaning up neighbourhood crimes like noise complaints and keeping pesky protests under control.
  • Hours of story missions to play and nearly endless open world experiences
  • Vibrant 70’s style and soundtrack – we know you can dig it.