"Karnage Chronicles" VR Launching on April 25

Karnage Chronicles from (Nordic Trolls), an upcoming episodic action RPG for the HTC Vive, will be releasing on April 25 2017 as Early Access, according to announcement.

In this title, you “play a Murkwraith on a mission to defeat enemies of the lands and restore order onto the world, in a high fantasy epic where good and evil are mere shades of the same color. Where you come from, and what is your purpose, are questions you’ll need to uncover to shape your future.”

The Early Access state will provide 1.5 to 3 hours of gameplay. At this period, a region with 3 playable areas will be included, each with their own sets of monsters and bosses. Over the EA period, additional classes, RPG elements and other content will be added.

This game is also set for release on the Oculus Rift as well throughout the launch period. According to description, this is designed to take advantage of room-scale, as you perform various physical actions to play the game.

Check out the Steam Page for video and screenshots.