Serious Sam VR "The Second Encounter" Release Details & Media, "The First Encounter" Exit Early Release

The Croteam has some updates regarding the Serious Sam VR titles on Steam. In case you have no idea what is Serious Sam, it is a video game FPS arcade action series that make its debut 15 years ago. The series follows the adventures of Sam “Serious” Stone who fight against the forces of extraterrestrial overlord mental who seek to destroy humanity.

The series consist of 3 released episodes. The first episode (Serious Sam) was splitted into 2 (Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter) and they received HD treatment few years later.

Croteam went on to remake Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter into VR, and they released it as Early Access few months back. In early Feb, Croteam also announced that they are VR remaking Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE. These remakes will be releasing on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter

Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter hits a new milestone as it graduates into a full release! Check out the change log with the update here.

Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter

The release for Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter is imminent, as Croteam  just put up the Steam Page for it, after announcing it in early Feb.

VR users can now wishlist the game, which according to its Steam Page, will be releasing in April.

This game features both Single Player and Co-op campaign modes, various multiplayer modes (up to 16 players) and others. As with the first title, there are some VR specific features.


Serious Locomotion – Explore the levels using trackpad movement (if you are brave enough), go with safer built-in teleportation system and move quickly to avoid charging enemies with the help of Sam’s personal translocator device or tweak and adjust the way you move through the VR space to best suit you playing style with using our own Serious Warp ™ locomotion.
Double the Gun, Double the Fun – Let go of the keyboard and gun down enemies, one weapon in each hand, or dual-wield them, quadrupling your stopping power. Combine different guns or just grab two of the same, but whatever your style, remember: Mental must be stopped!
Old School, New Engine – Hordes of enemies and non-stop action set against the expansive and visually stunning backdrops in 3 different spectacular worlds: South America, ancient Mesopotamia and medieval Europe – all powered by the latest Serious Engine 2017 to create one of the most impressive VR experiences yet!


Levels – Unleash mayhem on 3 different spectacular worlds: South America, ancient Mesopotamia and Medieval Europe, that also have over 130 secrets hidden and waiting to be discovered, in what is considered to be one of the most visually enjoyable VR experiences!
Enemies and Bosses – Fight with 27 nightmarish warriors in Mental’s army, including old favorites from The First Encounter like Beheaded Kamikaze, Syrian Werebull and Kleer Skeleton. Go head to head against 5 new enemies and 3 new Bosses.
Special Weapons and Power-Ups – Wreak havoc with a huge arsenal of weapons including 3 new toys: the Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower and Chainsaw. Use Power-Ups to additionally increase your fighting and agility skills!
Difficulty Settings – Choose between 5 difficulty settings to satisfy everyone, from FPS beginner and all the way to serious players!


Up to 16 Players – Plunge into chaos with up to 16 players in various cooperative and versus modes, some playable in campaign levels, some in unique versus levels and some also in teams!
Classic Co-Op – Plunge into chaos with up to 16 players in 12-level cooperative campaign mode, which is also fully customized like choosing difficulty, increasing enemies strength per player, turning on friendly fire or infinite ammo, setting respawn credits and much, much more!
Coin-Op Co-Op – Play entire co-op campaign levels in classic 80’s arcade style with limited lives!
Beast Hunt and Team Beast Hunt – Compete against other players, or teams in Team Beast Hunt, hunting down various enemies to see who can get the best score at the end of each campaign level!
Survival and Team Survival – Alone or with other team members, try to stay alive as long as you can against endless enemy attacks in specially designed survival map!
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch – Watch all hell break loose against other players or teams in classic deathmatch style!
My Burden – Get highest score from collecting the points by holding the item, while others chase you to get hold of that item!
Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing – Playing with only one life against each other, or as part of a team, try to be the last one alive!
Capture the Flag – Grab a flag from other teams’ base and bring it to your base for a score, while also defending your own flag!
Instant Kill – One shot and you are gone!