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Steam New Release: Alchemist Defender VR

Alchemist Defender VR is a newly released title from TreeView Studio. Designed from the ground up for Virtual Reality, this game delivers an unique gameplay experience that blend both traditional god mode tower defense and first person combat genres.

Take on the role of a Master Alchemist on his quest for Magnum Opus, the discovery of the  Philosopher’s Stone. Defend your discoveries from enemies trying to steal the secret to the  source of infinite gold and immortality.


In this game, you play from god perspective. You are to stop the waves of enemies from reaching the end of the path. As an alchemist, you hold a virtual spell book on one hand, that act as a menu that display vital informatio. This spell book is where you can build turrets, and choose which special attacks to use (more on that later). Your task is to place the turret within the parameter of the fixed circles scattered around the map. These turrets will automatically attack any nearby passing Rat-Humanoid enemies. There are 3 types of turrets you can place, each having their own characteristics:

  • Fast Cannon – your standard turret that inflicts fast and rapid fire at the enemies
  • Frost – These slow downs the advance of the enemies for your Fast Cannon and Mortar to do their jobs
  • Mortar – Slower than Fast Cannon, these Mortar are great for crowd control, as they deliver splash damage.

Building these turrets use up coins, which you can earn by defeating enemies. You have to keep building more turrets as you earn the coins for more defense power against the increasingly powerful waves.

HighresScreenshot00008 copy

These turrents are not enough to do the job, especially in later levels. Here’s where the earlier-mentioned special attacks help: you have 3 types of special attacks which you can make use of, to directly influence the battle. To use them, you simply pick them, then choose the location to deploy the attack position. These attacks only last for a while:

  • War Hammer – When deployed, you turned from god mode into first person perspective! From here, you can use your virtual hammer to strike at the Rat humanoids within your range. Don’t worry, they won’t attack you.
  • Musketoon – A far range fire arm that again, switch the game to first person perspective. It allows you to take down the incoming enemy forces, one bullet at a time. Musketoon has a slow firing rate, so be careful not to miss any shots. It is particularly useful to thin the crowd
  • Proximity Mine – While still in god perspective, you pick where to deploy it, and boom, goes the enemies that are near it. Great for clearing up a tightly packed crowd in the narrow pathway.

These attacks will take time to recharge after use.

HighresScreenshot00009 copy

The game also features multiple types of enemies: Runners, Shamans and Berserkers, each again has their own characteristics. Some move fast, while some may have higher vitality.

The game is currently in Early Access stage, and is available for the HTC Vive headset. It features 1 map at the moment, but there’s a list of future additions incoming in the future.

  • New maps designed from ground up.
  • New enemy types custom build with motion captured animations.
  • Full player interaction with the menu environment.
  • New melee and ranged weapons.
  • Turret upgrades
  • Alchemist store to upgrade weapons, turrets and other items.
  • Oculus Rift + Touch support


Alchemist Defender features a rather interesting gameplay, with beautiful graphics and environment. Switching to first person from god mode is rather cool as you take things into your own hands here,  and is something that I have been hoping that VR developers will explore more. The pacing of the difficulty is rather great as well. The amount of these Rat Humanoids increases at the later levels, and when in first person mode while using your hammer or musketoon, you can also see cannons soaring through the nightsky to strike at those creatures.

At this point of time, the upgrading system is probably the biggest element that this game urgently need, but fortunately, it is in the future pipeline that will arrive in the coming month.


TreeView Studios is selling this title with a price tag of $14.99. According to the developer, future content will be added periodically into the game. This game is expected to stay in Early Access phase for the 3-6 months, and they are looking to release the full title in Summer, 2017.  Check out the screenshots and the gameplay video below:

Title: Alchemist Defender VR
Genre: Action, Strategy, Tower Defense
Developer: TreeView Studios
Publisher: TreeView Studios
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift (future)
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page