"Bullet Sorrow VR" Full Release on April 15th, New Features Preview

According to an update over Steam, Bullet Sorrow VR, which has been in Early Access for the past few months, will be getting to full release state soon.

The Steam Announcement states that the full release will be coming on April 15th.

Bullet Sorrow is an action shooter title that is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. In its story, a global arms corporation “S Corp” has made incredible advancements in military technology in the near future of 2030s. You as the character, wakes up in one of their air bases without any memory, but you have got the ability to influence time. An ally by the name of “Nova” will also appear to help you get through the waves of enemies and help you retrieve your memory, while you expose the secret of the corporation.

Check out the new features which will arrive on April 15th, as announced by VikingVR Studio:

1. Up to 4 well polished additional maps;

2. Ultra gene buff system;

3. New story acted by fresh native speakers’ voice;

4. Up to 8 different weapons added;

5. A Unique and mind blown PVP mode!

I still saved features to remain untold here :p. You may see them on some news we release later~