"StarBlood Arena" Has Gone Gold

StarBlood Arena for the Playstation VR has gone gold, according to a new blog entry of Playstation from CEO of WhiteMoon Dreams. This game will be releasing on April 11st with HOTAS support.

They have also went in depth on the game features in this game.

Every single one of the death-dealing ships is fitted with their own personal arsenal of self-recharging smack-down:

  • Two gun systems with crazy alternate firing modes! Protip: Manage your ammo by switching between these systems and never be caught with an empty clip.
  • A unique heavy weapon that hits your enemies like a sledgehammer filled with dynamite. It charges up as you both take and deal any damage, so the more you dish out, the more your enemies eat it!
  • Protective shields, of course, for getting’ into the fray. Hey, it ain’t called StarDodging Arena…
  • Big ‘ol rocket engines that tear through the maps. And if that ain’t fast enough, you also have an afterburner to boost your butt outta tight situations.
  • Your Missile systems make things go bye-bye by turning them into flaming wreckage. You can get your missiles to home-in on your target by just staring them down for a second or two. Not every pilot has lock-on missiles, but they have other tricks up their sleeves (and in the chamber).
  • And just when you think your ship can’t hold any more, you also have high-explosive Proximity Mines to drop the bomb on your foes. You’re welcome.

The company also went on to introduce 3 of the characters: “Elsa” The Soldier, “Blade” The Assassin, “Dregg” The Sniper.

  • Elsa’s primary is nice and fast but keep an eye on the heat build-up as you fire. When you’re ready to finish off your prey, switch to her alternate gun – the Thermic Lance and obliterate ‘em with the excess heat you’ve built up, concentrated into a white-hot beam.
  • Equip Stasis Mines or use the Slow Fields in the match to your advantage. Your Heavy Hyper Cannon does intense damage over time if you can keep your enemy in its lingering blast radius.
  • Don’t be stingy with your missiles! As soon as you get a lock-on, abuse that naughty missile trigger! And then, slam that Binary Launcher mod to let you spam even more missiles faster!
  • Creep into a tight spot with some nasties and let the sheer area-blasting coverage of the Hyper Cannon clean it out.

  • Using his ship-slashing Wing Blades, this killer’s ship shoots forward faster than a missile. This attack comes in handy to speed out of danger and missile lock-ons.
  • The Assassin’s primary is weaker at a distance, but up close, quite nasty. He’s all about getting up-close and personal.
  • Blade is fast on the trigger, and his ship has a special advantage that allows him to switch weapons in half the time of others.
  • Your Swarm Missiles are powerful as well… a swarm of missiles! If you’re skilled enough, landing all of these will almost completely wipe out your opponent.
  • The Assassin’s Heavy Weapon is aptly named “the Black Death”. It’s a damage-over-time cloud that infects other ships on touch – and is communicable for its duration! Time to spread some love!
  • Combo the Wing Blades with Black Death for some hit-and-run insta-kill magic!

  • Your primary gun is perfect for long-range pick-off kills and enraging your enemies with vulture-like kill-steals!
  • Lure your opponents into tight corners, spin around and launch that Singularity Missile – a large, lethal slow moving bubble of doom.
  • Dregg’s heavy weapon is the dreaded “Ghost Gun”. It shoots across maps. It shoots through walls. It kills fools dead. Combine this action with Doppler 9000 or Tracker mods to see through walls and double up that effectiveness!
  • Dregg’s ship is mine heavy! Spread them around and lay some traps while you move to a distance and pick ‘em off.
  • Don’t forget that the Singularity Missile blocks shots as it tumbles forward. If you see an opportune moment, shoot it with your guns to make it detonate, causing a massive blast.