"Knockout League" Update Adds 2 Training Games & More

Knockout League, an arcade style first person boxing title that was released by Grab Games earlier this year, is currently in early access.

Today, the developer pushed out an update patch for the title. According to the announcement for the patch, the content has been expanded, with the addition of 2 training games.

  • Focus mitts
    • Enter the ring with Doug and hit the mitts! Test your hand speed, punch accuracy, and hitting power as you complete each difficulty and try to score as many points as possible. Then, you can hop into stamina mode and try to follow Doug’s commands as long as you can! Online leaderboards for stamina mode will be added at a later date.
  • Speed bag
    • Work on your hand control with Doug’s speed bag! Doug will lead you through bag drills where you try to score points by following his commands. Or, you can play free mode to hit the bag on your own without Doug or any score to worry about.

There are also other changes, such as bug fixes, and additional features. Check out the announcement page for the full details.