"Narcosis" Major Update Live Adds Collectibles

Narcosis, a survival horror title from Honor Code, features an under water setting, where you are pressured into the limit of survival, as you take desperate steps to surface before the oxygen and sanity gives out. This title was released a short while ago on Steam, featuring compatibility with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR.

Today, the title received a major update, which adds a couple of things to the title. First up, you have now Trading Cards, Badges and Emoticons waiting to be earned. The developer states that there are 6 cards in all to collect.

The game also received a couple of bug fixes, that includes:

  • Invert Y-Axis now works w/mouse+keyboard
  • Fixed flare trajectory offset
  • Additional bug fixes and optimizations

The game is due to receive additional improvements in the future, including ultra-wide support for the title.