Steam New Release: Enigma Sphere: Enhanced Edition

Enigma Sphere: Enhanced Edition has been ported to the HTC Vive, and this title is now out on Steam.

Previously an Oculus Rift exclusive (as it was already available on the Oculus Store), this title has been enhanced with brand new content (the enhanced edition is also available for the Rift too, of course).

The time is the near future. Mysterious android life forms have installed world-annihilating superweapons in inland South America. This is where our story begins. The mission you have been presented with involves commanding the androids that allied hackers have been able to control in order to sabotage the weapons from inside and prevent the activation of the world-annihilating superweapons. Time is limited, and the mysteries of the labyrinth must be solved. The success of the mission lies in the hands of the Superagents.

Enigma Sphere is a part puzzle, part action title. In the story mode, you play as a superagent, who are to destroy the android life forms’ superweapon. To do so, you have to solve puzzles, find the hidden spheres, and then smash them with weapons such as a hammer. Story mode also features dual player action, as you team up with another friend to search the labyrinth.

Completing the story mode unlock the challenge mode. In this mode,  your objective is to collect the points, as you compete with players around the world to achieve the highest ranking. This mode supports Steam achievements.

Exclusive to the enhanced edition is the “Sphere Attack Mode”, where you obtain points by destroying as many spheres within the 3 minutes time limit. You have to dodge the enemies’ attack at the same time as well. This mode supports 2 player co-op.

There are 3 difficulties in this game: Normal,, Hard and Hell. There are also exclusive enemies that will only appear in the higher difficulty.

Enigma Sphere: Enhanced Edition is developed by Yomuneco Inc, and is currently on a 20% discount.

Title: Enigma: Enhanced Edition
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Yomuneco Inc
Publisher: Yomuneco Inc
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Play Area: Seated, Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page