Steam New Release: Radiant Crusade

Radiant Crusade, a cockpit shooter title from Radiance Games, has been released on Steam!

This is a new spin to the cockpit shooter genre, as a little element of the tower defense genre has been added to the mix. In this game, player will have to fend themselves against the dark creatures, who are looking to take down both the player and the tower structure. This tower structure possesses the capability to retaliate at incoming enemies, but is not enough to take on the threat entirely on its own, and here’s where the player comes in. It also works the other way round: if you find yourself in danger, retreat to where the tower is and have the tower assist you to gun them down. You can probably say the tower is a stationary AI buddy that helps you in the game.

The player can drive around in the vehicle, taking down or at least thin the herd of enemies (for the tower to finish off), using 4 different types of abilities. To attack, simply sweep the reticle across the target to ‘lock on’ to it, and then press the button to initiate the strike.

This game features a skill tree system, that allows upgrading of the weapons, as well as the tower. These upgrades are vital as you battle against the increasingly powerful waves of creatures.

Radiant Crusade is a seated experience, featuring support for the gamepad. The cockpit of the game serves a couple of gameplay purposes: In addition to alleviate any potential motion sickness, the cockpit also serves as the vital place where you can view various in-game information, such as the health, the charging time of the abilities, and a radar which display the direction of the incoming creatures. The radar is useful due to the massive scale of the environment, and it also locate where your tower is, so that you can rush back to the tower if it gets under attack.

This title is released on Steam with a 10% launch promotion, and features support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the OSVR.

Title: Radiant Crusade
Genre: Action, Cockpit, Shooter
Developer: Radiance Games
Publisher:Radiance Games
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR
Play Area: Seated
Link: Steam Page