Blue Entropy Studios Announces "The Ruins: VR Escape The Room" for Vive/Rift

Having released both “The Cabin: VR Escape the Room” and “The Gleam: VR Escape the Room“,  Blue Entropy Studios is back with their next installment, titled “The Ruins: VR Escape the Room” for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Set for an April 2017 release, The Ruins: VR Escape the Room follows the same gameplay premise of the previous titles, whereby you have to solve puzzles to escape the room in a fully room-scale adventure (and this is a full room-scale only title). The scope seems to have expanded as compare to previous titles, as it now features dual endings. Check out the Steam page here.

The Ruins: VR Escape the Room is a fully room-scale adventure of a lifetime. Your grandfather was a well renown archaeologist who went missing after alluding to his great discovery. He never returned from his last adventure. Through his studies, you managed to track down his last location. Where will this perilous journey take you?

Here’s the launch trailer: