Screenshots for "SEPARATION" for Playstation VR and Oculus Rift

Indie game developer Recluse Industries is set to release an upcoming virtual reality title “SEPARATION” Q2 this year. It is an ambient exploration, puzzle title that will be available for Playstation VR and Oculus Rift when it launch.

SEPARATION goes by many previous titles, and the development can be traced back to May 2015, around the same time when the developer cancelled the previous WIP title “Vigil” (some traces of Vigil carried over to SEPARATION). First announced as an Oculus Rift exclusive, this game was then announced for the Playstation VR in Mar 2016. According to the developer, the title will feature (at most) 8 levels and take up to 3 hours to complete.

This Unity title is set in a desolate hermetic area, where player will be exploring quiet nature solitude places like pyramid interior and desert ruin, with towers and goddess statues, fossilized humans and such. There will be puzzle elements in this game, and the player will explore the rather isolated environment by foot, but sometime by boat too (and you get to explore the entire lake). The developer stated last year that this title will cost £10, though it is unknown if the statement still hold true.

Here are the game back when it was termed under the various titles and the screenshots released so far. Recluse Industries releases new screenshots at a very frequent basis:

Presence (May 2015)

Solstice (Jun 2015)

Solitude (April 2016)

(Untitled) (Oct 2016)