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"Tethered" Is VR-Optional Now on PSVR, Adds 4K Support On PS4 Pro

Tethered VR for the Playstation 4 is now untethered (sorry for the terrible pun, I can’t resist) to the Playstation VR as it adds non-VR support, meaning players can now play it on a traditional TV without the Playstation VR headset now.

Tethered VR is a strategy god game from Secret Sorcery, where player manages a bunch of little creatures call the “Peeps”, who seek to groom their dead island into a lively one, and they do it by gathering resources, and defending themselves and their resources at night from deadly creatures. Defeating the creatures and other milestones generate “Spirit Energy”, which are needed to restore the lifeform to the planet. Player can intervene by directing the Peeps to the resources, upgrade them in various forms, build structures that improves the Peeps, or combine and using the clouds which creates various effects in the game.

This latest update boasts two new control methods, adds dusk and dawn checkpoint style save and divine slow-motion and fast-forward features to play at your own pace. You can also elect to skip the tutorial and dive straight into the game. For Playstation 4 Pro players with a compatible TV, Tethered now looks even more gorgeous than ever with native 4k resolution at 60fps (only available in ‘Untethered’ mode).

The update is also set to come to PC later this month(for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) as well, and it is already live for the Playstation platforms.