Mech Game "Code 51" Announced for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift


Code 51 is an upcoming VR title from Chinese developer smellyriver, which has just been greenlit by the Steam Community over Steam Greenlight. This is a PC title that will feature optional VR support (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift). No date has been revealed though.

Code 51, according to the description, is a ‘wasteland-style mech arena title’, whereby player pilot a giant mech inside a cockpit from a seated position, as they engage in battle.

This title is both a single player and multiplayer title. In single player mode, player can choose to play in the story campaign, or up against the AI bot. For multiplayer, player can choose to play in one of the following two: Death Match or Team Death Match. In Death Match mode, your goal is to defeat any opponent you see in the game. The best player with the most points win. Team Death Match is basically the same but with team element, so you have to work together with your team to take down the opposing to win.

The story is set in 2040 A.D, where World War III has just concluded, bringing Earth to a near-death state, and massive amount of deaths to humanity.

Due to the war, resources has been largely depleted. As such, the surviving human forces soon look into America’s secretive “area 51”, where they discovered a top secret “Code 51” document. This document contains information about a mysterious “Code 51” energy form that is scattered around the world. No one know the origins of these substances, but to the warlords, this news is good news, as they see it as a hope to build a new world.

These energy forms were used by the various human factions to create the next generation of war technology: Battle mech. The invention of these mechs not only reignited the war, but it also create a massive hunt for the remaining Code 51 energies around the world.


As a mech pilot, player will be able to view various in-game information on the cockpit display in the game. These vital game information will be needed for you to form your strategy to take down your opponents.

The control in this game is designed based on real world vehicles. As such, there will be little to no learning curve as the control will be very intuitive.


Player will be able to operate different types of mech in this game, each with their own attack abilities such as speed, defense and control.

There will also be different types of weapons for use in battle:


According to the developer, there are 4 battle arena in the game current:

Area 51, warehouse, Siberia and chemical factory.

There will also be in-game pickup too. A recovery wrench tool icon is a power-up that restore the shield point, while a red fist powerup increases the weapon by 1 level (for a maximum of 3 levels).

According to details, there will be in-game limited ‘ski-mask’ setting that helps to provide comfort for motion sickness.


And here are the screenshots for the game.

Check out the 2 trailers for the game here: