"StarBlood Arena" Launch Trailer

StarBlood Arena‘s launch is imminent (April 11), and Sony has just uploaded a launch trailer for this Playstation VR exclusive title from WhiteMoon Dreams.

StarBlood Arena is a first-person arena shooter, featuring single player, co-op or multiplayer matches. Gamers will be able to pilot one of 9 distinct ships with their own unique pilot, playstyle and loadout.

Cameras Ready. Weapons Hot. StarBlood Arena is almost here! Learn more about the various pilots and ships you’ll be in control of in this PlayStation VR exclusive!

Coming April 11, 2017.

Test your mettle in furious arena combat as you move, evade, and attack in any direction against pilots from every corner of the galaxy. Fight for glory, credits, and your life as the StarBlood Network broadcasts every lawless match for the universe to see.