"VR Chair Games" Removed From Steam, Possibly Due to Stolen Assets

EnsenaSoft released a VR title “VR Chair Games” over Steam a couple of days back, which features a “collection of seven challenging VR-experiences suitable to VR enthusiasts of all levels”.

Arthands-VR learnt that this title has just been removed from Steam, possibly due to stolen assets.

UI art specialist Patrick Sutter, reported the game few days ago, claiming that “VR Chair Games” contain stolen assets from him and other artists. According to him, he was mislead into creating assets for free for Meta 3d studios, and the assets he have created, ended up in this game. Here’s the transcript in full:


Here’s what Patrick Sutter has posted:

Hi my name is Patrick Sutter and I would like to report this game as it has stolen assets from me and other artists. I was in previous employment at Meta 3d studios and the work used was not paid for and none of the work I did the work for was paid to me from the company. Randal Polk and Billy Cain commited work place fraud on me due to my cercumstance of me being homeless. I asked them for paying work because I was homeless at the time and they said they would pay me I was forced to sleep in their office waiting for my pay so I could get off the streets, but the pay never came. Unemployment cut me off because they said i did not have a job because they were not paying me. They asked me to create a haunted house and place together free assets from the unity asset store. Including putting together the main menu. I worked very hard on it and they said they would share the profits but they never did and I was never paid for any of my work. I had to leave the studio like they wanted without a dime to my name after all the work. They also ripped off other artists that were there. Please do not buy this game.

 This is follow-up with a post:

You;’Randy Polk’ (randy@meta3dstudios.com);hans@ensenasoft.com
Hi Patrick,

Please immediately have your lawyer contact us at the following address:

We need your lawyers address to begin communicating with him as well. We will also be prosecuting you for libel and slander in Mexico where we are based. So please make sure you have an international lawyer who also speaks Spanish.

We are now removing your comments on Steam. Please only contact us again through your attorney in private and never directly again in public or private. Your dealings with Randy and Meta3sStudios are with him and should be dealt with privately as well.

Best Regards,
Sam DenHartog
Patrick Sutter
Today, 7:28 AM
Hi I left the message on your steam page as infinity. This is the only way you’ll contact me until I know you’re on the level. I have trust issues and this situation is an issue.

Here’s the game trailer of “VR Chair Games”.