"Hello Inc VR" Revealed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Hello Inc VR has just been revealed by VRAD Inc for the HTC Vive (and Oculus Rift after that). It is a casual action title that will be releasing on Steam as Early Access (on 15 April 2017), and the Steam page has just been created.

According to its Steam page, this game will be in early access and they are targeting to release the full version on Dec 2017. At its current version, there will be 30 stages, 6 bosses in a single region, 24 stats and 7 skills. The game will be priced $15 during early access period, and then increase to $20 for the full version.

From your friend, HellO, Inc.
We are currently hiring security agents who would protect corporate building in Neo-Kyoto.
Applicants will be given effective weapons and gears which would let the applicants protect the building from vicious monsters and blend into Neo-Kyoto perfectly.
Please call 090-hello-inc, or vote “YES” on STEAM GREENLIGHT.
Thank you!

[Hello, Inc.] is a casual, action, shooting, throwing, defense VR game.
Players have to stop flooding 40+kinds of monsters before they reaches the [HellO, Inc.] building.
Instead of shooting throwing stars to enemies with left clicks,
now players can actually THROW throwing stars in VR!
Blow hordes of monsters up into air with explosion charm,
Freeze, strike lightening, even stop the time with secret ninjutsu!
Defeat giants Kaizu before they breach into the building
And find out secrets about mysterious HellO Incorporate.