Lucid Sight Shows Off New "PolyRunner" Trailer

Lucid Sight Inc is set to release Herocade VR for the Playstation VR next week on April 18, which is a bundle title consisting of various indie VR titles.

One of the titles included in the Herocade VR bundle is their very own PolyRunner VR, which is currently available as a standalone title for various platforms (Steam for HTC Vive/OSVR/Oculus Rift, Oculus Home for Gear VR, Google Play Store for Google Daydream View).

PolyRunner VR is an addictive, high-quality experience that tests your skills against an other-worldly, ever-changing landscape rather than testing your ability to maintain control of your stomach. This engaging virtual world offers more interesting, challenging terrain the further you progress.

Lucid Sight Inc has just released a fresh new trailer for PolyRunner, as they are preparing it for the Playstation VR debut: