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"Tethered VR" Update is Out for PC, VR is Now Optional

Tethered VR from Secret Sorcery was first released exclusively for the Playstation VR, before it was patched with motion control, and at the same time released on the PC for Vive and Rift.

In this strategy title, the player assume the role of a god, who has to guide the “Peeps” to restore the land by collecting spirit energy. Player will be tasking these peeps to gather resources and fend off the critters at night. In addition, player can grant extra help to them by using (or even combining first) the clouds which creates different effects.

Just a couple of days ago, the Playstation VR received an update for traditional 2D monitor support, allowing players without a Playstation VR to play this game on the PS4. There were other improvements to the game with that update, such as dusk/dawn savepoints to allow bite-sized play, slow motion and fast forward feature.

Today, the update arrives on the PC version on Steam, letting PC player to play the game using mouse and keyboard or a gamepad without a Vive or Rift, and with up to 4K/60fps. The update also features the improvements that was deployed for the Playstation 4 version:

  • Added non-VR mode with 2 control schemes (right stick or keyboard and mouse)
  • Added 4k @ 60Hz support (for non-VR play)
  • Added dusk/dawn savepoints to allow bite-sized play
  • Added slow motion (with zoom in non-VR) and fast forward feature
  • Updated tutorial and controller screens to support non-VR play
  • You can now play level 2 without completing the tutorial