“Tornuffalo” Offers DLC for Full Body Action with Vive Trackers

A free DLC has emerged for Tornuffalo, that allows full body action using the Vive Trackers peripheral! Tornuffalo from RealityRig is a Vive title that was released late last year over Steam, featuring full room-scale gameplay where player has to dodge/block/hit obstacles caused by disasters known as the “Tornuffalo”.

According to the description, you will need 2-3 Vive Trackers for the tracking to work.

Note: The original game, Tornuffalo is playable without body tracking, no Vive Trackers needed. If you have 3 Vive Trackers, this DLC lets you launch the game in “Full-Body Action” mode, so you can kick, dodge and jump with your whole body. If you have only 2 Vive Trackers you can still play and kick even though the full-body mode is optimized for 3 Trackers.

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