Oculus New Release: Radiant Crusade

Cockpit shooter VR title “Radiant Crusade” has just made its way over to the Oculus Home! This stylized fusion between a co-operative take on the wave defense genre and tank action title was previously released over Steam a short while ago for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR.

This title, constructed by new VR company Radiance Games (which is composed of students from Concordia University and McGill Univserity in Montréal),  has won “Best Characters, Cameras and Controls” at the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition last year, with nomination for “Best Art Direction”, “Best User Experience” and “Best Game” as well.

Players are granted the freedom to explore their environment with unshackled locomotion thanks to intuitive and fluid driving controls, while fully utilizing head tracking to grant an unparalleled feeling of control and responsiveness.

There are 4 powerful abilities that manipulate space time, as you attempt to survive against waves of dark creatures. You can pilot your vehicle anywhere in the realm, and this game also features a skill tree, allowing you to upgrade every component in your arsenal. This is a seated experience, featuring support for the gamepad. The cockpit of the game serves a couple of gameplay purposes: In addition to alleviate any potential motion sickness, the cockpit also serves as the vital place where you can view various in-game information, such as the health, the charging time of the abilities, and a radar which display the direction of the incoming creatures. The radar is useful due to the massive scale of the environment, and it also locate where your tower is, so that you can rush back to the tower if it gets under attack.