Steam New Release: Virtually Impossible, Coming to PSVR

Virtually Impossible is releasing on Steam today!

This is a VR title that’s developed by Growl Interactive, an indie game developers based in Melbourne Australia. Virtually Impossible is a party title with various challenges for up to 4 local players, and is a quick pick up and play title that’s suitable some competitive VR gaming.

This game will consist of various ridiculous challenges featuring a variety of VR unique gameplay mechanics, and do expect a lot of moving around, tricky physics and quick reflexes involved.

In local multiplayer, players will play against each other in a hotseat manner (eg people will be taking turns with a single headset). In this mode, each player will attempt to drive a kart as possible as possible on the track, and along the way, they have to complete various obstacle challenges. Failure to clear a challenge deduct one out of three lives that the player has , and once all of the lives are depleted, the player end his round. The more challenges he clear, the longer he can drive, and the more difficult the challenges get. The player who got the furthest on the track, wins the game.

According to Growl Interactive, online multiplayer is a thing that they are working hard at right now, and when it is out, it will allow 4 players to engage in challenges together. One example of online 4 players challenge involves a ‘catch the fly’ challenge, whereby 4 players will try to catch the fly in the same room. The first person who catches the fly will win the round.

This title features a local and global leaderboards, thus letting you to not just compete you and your friends’ result with each other, but with gamers all over the world as well.

Growl Interactive also confirms that this title will be launching on Playstation VR at a later date, but there’s no plan for Oculus Rift (at the moment).

Title: Virtually Impossible
Genre: Action, Casual, Party
Developer: Growl Interactive
Publisher: Growl Interactive
VR Support: HTC Vive, Playstation VR
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page