"The Last Frontier VR" Releasing in May 19 for HTC Vive, Steam Page Up

The Last Frontier, action wave shooter for the HTC Vive, has a Steam Page up, revealing that this title will be coming in May 19 2017. This work is under production by Matt’s Creation.

In this title, you will defend the ‘ last frontier against massive waves of cyborgs and droids’, using your favorite weapon and beam sword (there will also be unlockable weapons in the game). What set this game apart from other wave shooter is that it features running and jumping movement too, making things more exciting and brings an extra dimension to the game.

Besides the ability to dual wield, you will be able to deflect the projectile from their guns too.

According to the features list, there will be regular updates, with campaign of rank promotion and map upgrade too. From what we have saw, this game will not only take place outside a facility as you see in the GIF. Another map simply known as “The Forest Occupation” is also included. It is unknown at this moment if we will get any more maps beyond these 2, but I sure definitely hope so. (edit: The developer has confirmed that there will be at least 5 maps with more upcoming features)

A 2 months old video of the game depicts the ability to fling enemy into the air, and then crash it down to the land or his comrades by the invisible from the beam sword. It is obvious that this game is modeled after the Star Wars universe, what’s with the sci-fi setting, beam sword, droids and using energy to manipulate the enemy by force (I guess if EA doesn’t want to build a proper Star Wars VR game beyond some tech-demoish work like Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission, then someone should step up and fill that void).

Check out the video below.