"Mega Overload VR" Launching April 18 for HTC Vive

Subdream Studios, a recently formed VR game publishing start-up who’s backed by HTC’s ViveX Accelerator, Macro Ventures, DeNA and othe major industry players, is set to bring a brand new VR title to the table, in the form of “Mega Overload“. We have an article about this game previously here.

Mega Overload is a first person action title that puts you (and one other player in co-op mode) in some sort of an android suit, as you obliterate the incoming Mega Bots from space. This is an arcade-like title designed to give player a blast (no pun intended) at destroy the bots who has for some reason, loves to get into some formation (think the retro Invaders game) before they strikes.

Subdream Studios has announced that the launch date for this game will be April 18 2017, which is not too far from now! You can add this HTC Vive game to your wish list on their Steam Page.