"Starfighter Inc" Hits Kickstarter Milestone, Coming to HTC Vive/OSVR/Oculus Rift

A brand new space combat VR title in the vein of “Elite: Dangerous” and “Eve: Valkyrie” has just hit its Kickstarter milestone!

Starfighter Inc from Impeller Studios is an online multiplayer space combat simulator, that’s based on hard science fiction. Starfighter Inc  “eatures hardcore shooter gameplay in the spirit of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter, but with unprecedented depth and sophistication.”

This title began preproduction more than 3 years ago, with times spend with aerospace engineers and space scientists for R&D purpose, in order to craft scientifically accurate spacecraft and weapons for the title.


It’s all about facing a worthy opponent and proving who’s best. Players develop their flight combat skills in a variety of combat scenarios that challenge the mind as much as the reflexes. Specialized roles such as weapon systems officer, electronic warfare officer, and drone operator allow players to continuously evolve their tactics and abilities. Players’ reputations are based on their combat and piloting skills, their mission success rate, their cost effectiveness, and their adherence to the mercenary code. Players can rise to fame and fortune as they proceed through their mercenary career.

A typical strike / defend scenario might have the attacking side decide to have one player flying a Pegasus in the “Missile Truck” role – armed with a huge missile load, another player flying an Hyperion in the escort role – armed with multiple laser turrets and countermeasures, while the third player takes a Shrike in the ISTAR role (information, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance) – configured to detect, track, and target the opposing force’s assets. You then enter the battlespace and there’s a rock-paper-scissors moment when you discover whether your plan is going to survive contact with the enemy.


This game also provides a robust in-game narrative. The player base will collectively have a ‘real effect on the corporate power struggles and politics’ of the universe in this game, according to the developer. Outside of this game, they are also expanding the lore and stories through digital comics and others.

Starfighter Inc is set to have optional VR support (the game is playable without VR too) on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR on its launch, along with full motion control feature too.

Impeller Studios is estimating the launch date to be April 2018 at the moment. Check out the trailer for the game below!