"Titanic: Honor And Glory" Belfast Demo Trailer

Titanic: Honor and Glory is an upcoming action/adventure/mystery VR title for the Oculus Rift, that allows the player to sail aboard the Titanic, and experience the world of 1912.

This title is set to be a full fledged title that allows the player to interact with the passengers and crew on board that are based on the real-life event, and that (almost) every corner of the ship can be explored, including the tragic sinking of the board in real-time at the end of the game. In this game, the player assumes the role of a fictional character who has been accused of being a jewel theft of the British museum in London, and that he has board the Titanic to find the actual culprit to clear his name (there will be a few fictional characters).

The developer, Vintage Digital Revival LLC, pledged to make this game as authentic as possible (with help from various consultants), and that nearly all of the Titanic will be replicated in this game. Due to the large scope of the game, they said that they are not looking to release this game anytime soon, but to expect a 2018 or beyond.

There are currently 2 demo for the PC, which you can check out here. The developer has today announced that Demo 3 (Belfast Demo) will allow player to explore part of the Harland and Wolff Shiyards in Belfast, Ireland, and that they have released a trailer for the demo.