"Dimension Dude" Coming to HTC Vive

A virtual reality title “Dimension Dude” is set to be dropping for the HTC Vive headset this year, according to a new Steam Page, set up by Barricade Studio.

Dimension Dude is an action title that’s crafted in Unreal Engine. In the virtual world of this game, player has a biomechnical arm, that grants its user the ability of bending time. There are weapons and of course, bunch of enemies to decimate.

This title is set to utilize touchpad locomotion and dash-teleport for its movement, and will contain a couple of hours of gameplay in Early Access.

Sent from an alternate dimension, SenTRI corporation robots are claiming various locations on Earth and are setting up base, preparing for an all out AI takeover. There is only one man left to put an end to this… Dimension Dude.

Half man, half machine, the Dude is equipped with a biomechanical arm that gives him special time bending powers, while in the other hand wielding a selection of deadly weapons. Fight your way through enemy lines, smashing robot skulls and going in guns blazing, the Dude has to search for the central AI core if he wants to have any chance of saving Earth.

Dimension Dude is a VR action game for the HTC Vive, bringing back the good old days of gaming. New technology, classic gameplay.

This game is set to be releasing in Early Access, with 3 playable stages, 4 enemy types and 4 different weapons. More contents, including stages, weapons, enemies and boss battles will be added as it embark on its journey to full release.

At the moment, no date nor price has been announced. Check out the teaser trailer below.