“Kowloon’s Gate VR” Playstation VR WIP Videos

Playstation VR is set to get an exclusive VR adventure title in the form of “Kowloon’s Gate VR“, which is sort of a sequel to the original Kowloon’s Gate for the Playstation (that was released exclusively in Japan) 2 decades ago.

The original title is set in Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. In that title, the demolished walled city has reemerged from the Yin realm back to the living realm of Yang. It was determined that the two parallel worlds has to be separated as soon as possible, or there will be severe consequences. The player play as a super Feng Shui Practitioner who was send to the walled city to awaken the four symbols to restore the order.

Kowloon’s Gate VR was crowdfunded late last year. This VR version is under development by JETMAN, with a targeted release date of Summer 2017. Since then, the development has been going rather soon, and they have shared a couple of recordings of the game.

Due to the original game being a Japan-exclusive, it is rather likely that this game won’t be coming territories outside of Japan either.

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