"Bullet Sorrow VR" Made Out of Early Access, Now a Full Release!

Viking VR Studio‘s Bullet Sorrow VR has just received an update 1.1, which pushes it past the line of final release!

Bullet Sorrow VR is a Multi-player Online FPS game, also contains full story single stages to discover. Using progressive Bullet Time abilities and a bunker-cover system, evade attacks and move on! Available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

According to the developer, version 1.1 update adds the following to the game:

New Story for Arena Mode

  • Back to 2017, a radical research lab under S Corp had started a secret project, base on large number of clone subjects. They claimed “The Second Evolution for Human Being” as their dream.
    The secret project had achieve some success, created new type clones with specail genetic talent. However disaster happened after one researcher had accidentally overdosed the subjects—-Most clones went ballistic and became infectious, then immediately the whole lab was abandoned and strickly isolated.
    13 years had past, other than the only one successfully evoluted clone, what else there could be…?
  • Infinite Arena mode, a brand new map, carefully written darker story of “S Corp” ;
  • Super gene buff system, enhance your weapon with secret gene power to smash the infected enemies.

Multiplayer Realtime Combat

  • Autonomic server; Matching battle; Can jump in a game at any time.
  • Cross-platform competition, both Vive and Rift users can join. Support up to 10 players in one game;
  • Get ready with your new skill—- “Bullet-time force field” ;
  • 3 new different style polished new battle field to choose.

Other New Features

  • Oculus Optimization : Rotation for facing direction added, more fair on cross-platform competition now;
  • Save Points Added . There will be several saving opportunities in easy and middle difficulties.
  • More under developing…

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more future update though to fix any potential problem that the player may face when they play the game. Check out the Steam Page here.