"Bounty Killer" Releasing Early Access on 10 May 2017

A old Wild Western USA shooting game “Bounty Killer” is set to be releasing as Early Access over Steam on 10 May 2017.

Developed by Galaxy Game Studio, Bounty Killer allows the player to assume a bunch of roles like cowboy, bounty killer, bandit and even a farmer. This FPS game is set to have a Score Mode when it launch in Early Access, with Survival Mode coming out after that.

In Score Mode, player takes up the role of a bounty hunter where he can engage battle against bandit in towns and wilds. Gunning down those bandits net the player more weapons, and there will also be a duel battle against the bandits leader.

In Survival Mode, player has to search for resources (food and water), scavenge for weapons (produce, buy, find from corpse of players or NPCs), and more. It seems there will be a construction element too, where the player can build a home by collectin material, building blueprints, buying land and hiring workers to work on it. There will be a range of ways to earn money in this game for that job.

It is to note that this game has its release date changed several times prior this date. This game will be available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR.