"Karnage Chronicles" Early Access Launch Date Revealed

Karnage Chronicles, an upcoming VR hardcore RPG title in the same vein as The Bard’s Tale, Eye of the Beholder etc, is a massive game, featuring deep story and gameplay, room scale play area, free locomotion, and astonishing graphic. 

And a VR game of such scale isn’t too far off from release over PC for HTC Vive, as Nordic Trolls, developer of the game, has announced that Early Access of the game will be launching on April 24th, 5pm PDT/8pm EST (April 25th 2AM CET/8am China Time). According to them, the EA period won’t last beyond 9 months.

Karnage Chronicles is an episodic action RPG for the VR platform. Unravel your past, and shape your present, as you vanquish your enemies in this high fantasy epic.

It is said that the game will last for 1.5 to 3 hours when it first launch as Early Access, with more gameplay content to be added over time. Check out the Steam page here.