Steam New Release: Mega Overload

Mega Overload is a newly launched, virtual reality title from Subdream Studios. This debut title of the studio is crafted exclusively for the HTC Vive headset. According to the development team, this game was made to “bridge the past and future of gaming by bringing classic arcade gameplay into virtual reality”.

In this game, you are tasked, with a blaster gun on each hand, to gun down the endless waves of the Mega Bots. There’s no locomotion, nor narrative storyline. This is a back-to-basic, hardcore retro arcade shooter game, where you will seek to blast your way to the high score on the leaderboard. If you wish, you can join up with another VR player in a dual co-op mode and shoot at the bots together.

There is a variety of bots to overcome in each wave, and each type of bots has their own characteristics. The bots flies in and forms formation before they attack you (that is sure to invoke memories of Space Invaders). In first person perspective, you will be busy trying to eliminate them as quickly as possible, and that’s really not a simple task. Some of the bots has got a force shield that prevents your gunfire from harming them, and you will only be able to hit them when there’s an opening. Most will either charge and flies at you, while some will open fire, and you will have to dodge the attack by moving out of harm’s way by physically moving your body (this is a room-scale title after all). In addition, there are also power-ups in the game which you can procure as well.

In between each wave, you are given an opportunity to trade your lives for a different weapon. Whether you choose to trade your lives for the other weapon is dependant on your playstyle, but personally, I find it better to not trade in the lives and just simply rely on my standard issued blasters.

There are over 20 achievements to unlock in this title, as well as a range of leaderboards (weekly, local, global etc) too. If you are looking for some quickplay, arcade style hardcore title, do consider checking out this title. Mega Overload will be releasing on April 18th, with a price tag of USD$14.99

Title: Mega Overload
Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter
Developer: Subdream Studios
Publisher: Subdream Studios
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page