“Crossside: The Prison” Coming to HTC Vive in May

Random 6 Studio has just formally announced that “Crossside: The Prison” for the HTC Vive will be coming in May!

Random 6 Studio is a VR studio which focuses on developing high quality VR games, with the goal of showing player impressive virtual worlds, that will allow player to “believe in their true existence and immerse into atmosphere of new perception”.

Developed using Unity, this is a VR escape adventure game, with traces of both puzzles and horror elements. In this game, you play as a prison guard that is sentenced to death by electrocution of 3000 volts, but you discovered a chance to escape as you uncovered an old, forgotten secret in the old dirty cell where you are being hold before the execution.

There will be 4 chapters of prison escape story, with highly detailed environment and Noir-style narrative. No trailer yet, but you can feast your eyes on the media gallery below.

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