"Eye in the Sky" VR Early Access Launch Trailer, 28th April Release

VinLia Games has showed off a new Early Access Launcher Trailer for “Eye in the Sky“, which already has a Steam Page now.

Designed for the HTC Vive, Eye in the Sky is an escape room title, featuring 9 asymmetric local co-op escape rooms (there are also 3 experimental single player levels too). According to the trailer, there will be 2 campaign chapters, with 2 more under development and most likely to be released during the Early Access period.

As a local co-op game, the VR player can team up with the PC player (who plays on the same PC) to solve the puzzles together. Eye in the Sky take place in a post-apocalyptic world , and will be only playable in a 2m x 2m room-scale play area.

The VR Player takes on the form of the “Eye”. Interacting with objects in the world from a birds eye view and guiding the “Light” to help find pieces to the puzzles they have to solve.

The PC Player will be the “Light”. A small robot, seemingly insignificant but essential for the “Eye”. Venturing into the nooks and crannies of the world where the “Eye” can’t reach, the “Light” can gather information, guide the “Eye” to hidden areas and collect vital parts of each and every puzzle.

VinLia Games states that there will also be a dozen more single player puzzles too, to address the fact that they “found it hard to add an extra human to the overall package and keep the price low”. According to the developer, besides more levels, players can also expect to see more contents like achievements, features, improved audio and graphics, possibly Steam-integrated co-op, depending on the feedbacks.

This game is set to be on Steam Early Access on 28th April.