PSVR New Release: Statik

VR puzzle title for Playstation VR “Statik” has been released. This is a game that is developed by Tarsier Studios.

This game is set in a laboratory or sort, and the player’s hands are confined within a puzzle box (with dials, wires and such). Each press on the buttons, d-pad and thumb sticks create different effects on the box. Without any instruction, the player are to find out how to free him or herself.

This game plays out like an experiment, with you being the experiment subject. According to the game description, Dr Ingen and his ‘delightful assistant’ Edith will be trying to unravel the complexities of the human mind via this experiment, and you are given a new puzzle device to solve each day in the game.

A free demo of the game is available too. Unlike most VR title, this game doesn’t require a motion controller.