Steam New Release: VR Dungeon Knight

VR Dungeon Knight is a newly released VR action adventure title, developed by a sole developer “Thomas” (despite that, it seems the visual quality isn’t compromised at all. Its still looking very impressive). Blackjard Softworks is listed as the developer and publisher of the game.

Currently in Early Access, VR Dungeon Knight take place in, as the title suggest, dark dungeons where you are to slay all sorts of evil monsters, as you seek to take down the evil necromancer, who has placed a curse on the world.

This dungeons not only features monsters to slay (and loot), but you can expect traps and secrets too. You can expect to wield different types of weapons, including Swords, Daggers, Axes, Bow’s Staffs, Shield and more too (and they can be upgraded!).

According to the game description, he end of each dungeon contain its own ‘evil source’, which you have to destroy. Destroying these evil sources net you reward like new loot and even perks and skills as well. Apparently, this is not a linear game, as the ‘necromancer’ end boss (who stays in a tower) are available to fight right from the start, but doing so is suicidal. Upgrading your character via the dungeons will increase your chance of defeating him, which is a rather unique game structure. At the moment though, it seems the necromancer is not in the current version of the game.

VR Dungeon Knight currently contain private online co-op with a friend. Do expect more weapons, player perks, great range of dungeons, structures and traps, as well as lots of puzzles in the final game too.

Title: VR Dungeon Knight
Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure
Developer: Blackjard Softworks
Publisher: Blackjard Softworks
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page