Cliff Bleszinski Is Pitching A VR Game, on VR

Cliff Bleszinski, Boss Key Productions CEO (and former Gears of War lead designer) revealed that he is interested and has been pitching a VR game to investors, according to an article at gamasutra. Nothing has been confirmed though, but it is rather good that he is doing his part to push VR.

Saying to a full house crowd at Reboot Develop conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, he is ready to bring VR to the next level, beyond the realm of tech demo and to the lucid dream stage.

“As it’s coming around again, I’m like — ‘let’s not screw this up!’” – Cliff B on VR

Cliff Bleszinski has been into VR since the 80s, and is one of the earliest investors for Oculus. He also explained how lucid dream has affected his outlook on VR.

“I don’t get much sleep,” he said. “When I do sleep though, I go into all these weird places, these other worlds. I’m a bit of a drinker too, and one of the things I’ve learned, especially at these conferences over the years, is that your brain is a computer. It’s one big CPU, and when you’re sleeping, your brain is compiling the code of what you’ve experienced over the day. If you can’t sleep, that’s blockage that doesn’t allow the code to compile.”

“When you drink and hang out at these conferences, you wind up having these crazy dreams.

The CEO of the studio went on to states that most of the impressive VR experiences were made in Unreal Engine too. He has previously remarked (to Gamespot) that VR need more real games like Robo Recall and Eagle Flight, praising them to be some of the most polished experiences and that Eagle Flight has delivered a dream of flying to many people in VR.

Despite praising Robo Recall, however, he also note that there are too many wave shooters in current VR market. He intends to create a VR title that’s far from something like a tech demo, but he admitted that it require lots of money. Apparently Cliff B has been pitching his idea around and investors are “bulking”.

What you’re seeing right now is a lot of the wave shooter game — ‘here’s a wave of robots or zombies.’ They’re great, but VR, when it comes to the trajectory of the industry, is mimicking the arcade games of the 80s. If you want to make a good VR game, start there, and move on to what’s next.” – Cliff B

Besides wave shooters, Cliff B also note the other criticisms, such as long loading time, the complicated set up (citing Oculus Rift as an example), small install base, lots of crappy me-too headsets and developers blaming the players for their motion sickness.

Issues aside, he remain confident that they will be ironed out over time.

It’ll get better, it’ll get faster. Just give it a little bit of time.”