“SYREN” Episode 2 DLC Coming in May, Trailer

Syren VR, a single player, survival horror for VR that was released over Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift back in Feb, is set to get an episode 2 DLC (known as Operation Anomaly) in Early May, its developer Hammerhead VR has announced.

In Episode 1 of Syren, you awakes in a submerged laboratory, which is on the verge of collapse. Systems has fallen, and the test subjects known as the “Syrens”, an legendary dangerous inhabitants of the civilisation that once existed in the ruins below, are now roaming in the facility, and you have to make your out to the surface for safety before you die.

Episode 2 seems to be slightly more action focused, as it is described as an ‘action packed free roaming shooter’. Operation Anomaly take place a week after episode 1, and task you in the role of a female CIA agent Manning, who is send into the Darwin Station to ascertain what happened to its crew, and to ‘secure the mysterious device known as the Anomaly’.

A trailer has been released to tease the DLC. Check out the trailer below.

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