Samsung Gear VR

"Endspace VR" Update Adds New Gear VR Support, New Content & More

Endspace VR for Samsung Gear VR has received its first update of the year! The update version 1.2 is rather massive, and will also be introducing various stuffs that will pave the way for future updates.

Headlining this update is support for the new Gear VR controller, a whole new storyline, customization of gamepad controls, new starting scene, UI redesign, improved AI, and much much more.

The developer Orange Bridge Studios states that there are various content expansion and improvements in the update. 

The new Gear VR controller offers a whole new way to fly your ship using the controller’s position and rotation, control the joystick of your Minos fighter like never before. Use the thumbpad to fire missiles, boost, brake, and switch your ammo types. 

A whole new storyline has also been added, and old audio has been replaced with with new professionally voice acted speech. There will also be future updates in this regard.

The main menu has been redesigned too, along with animated Avatar, new UI and other redesigned updates.

Check out the blog post here for the full announcement for more details.